lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Una de camotes

Perfection in Simplicity
by Victoria Challancin
Dessert: baked Sweet potato with vainilla ice cream in Piloncillo Sauce
When friends invited me to dine at San Miguel de Allende's new country bistro, I knew I would be in for a treat. Francesca Fisher's impeccable taste was evident everwhere: the terraced farm land, the organic garden, the baci ball court, the stables, the simple elegance of the entire setting. After a six-course tasting meal which included grilled cabicucho, flown in fresh from Baja (the best fish I've ever eaten in this mountain town!), the amazingly talented Chef Juan José Gomez dazzled us once again for dessert with his sophisticated, perfectly executed dish : Baked Sweet Potato with Vanilla Ice Cream in Piloncillo Sauce--an ode to perfection.

Upon leaving, the gracious and helpful manager/maitre d'hôte
l, Yannick Gil, gifted us with equally perfect passion flower blossoms. Nature even co-operated by sending a dancing silver rainstorm that raced across the expanse of the valley toward us as we watched in awe. Simplicity. Perfection.

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